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GMS/SE Division Flexes to Meet Your Needs

For builders across the Southeast, GMS/SE Division is the go-to source for top-grade commercial and residential construction materials. But providing the basic materials for your building projects is just the beginning of the full advantage we offer.

GMS/SE Division is proud to provide a wide variety of the highest quality FRP products to further serve local construction customers across the southeast USA.

FRP Panels – A True Construction Innovation

Fiber-reinforced polymers or plastics (FRP) are ideal wall coverings for challenging conditions that require strength, performance, durability, and easy cleaning. FRP wall panels have many uses in commercial construction and residential building projects and are well-suited for industries as diverse as food service, health and medical, education, chemical and industrial, agriculture, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and more.

FRP products offer builders in the southeast an exceptional option for their local construction projects. Unique benefits of FRP for building professionals include:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio 
  • Great durability impact resistance
  • Moisture resistance and easy to clean
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Highly customizable and adaptable

Buy FRP Panels at GMS/SE Division

Available in multiple forms and for many construction applications, it may be challenging to decide exactly which FRP supplies you need for your projects. Our expert staff is here to help. 

GMS/SE Division carries a wide variety of FRP products, including:

  • FRP wall coverings 
  • Fiberglass ceiling grid systems
  • Fiberglass wall panels
  • Embossed FRP panels 
  • Smooth FRP wall panels
  • FRP installation tools and accessories

GMS/SE Division’s construction yards throughout the southeast USA, you’ll find FRP products from some of the best manufacturers in the business, including:

  • Crane® Composites
  • Marlite®
  • Nichiha
  • Nudo®

For the Best Construction and Safety Supplies, Trust the Best

Builders and contractors across the southeast know – a partnership with GMS/SE Division provides a strong foundation for success.

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About GMS/SE Division

Part of the GMS family of companies, the GMS/SE Division serves residential and commercial building professionals from numerous construction yards across the Southeast.

Together, we provide a combination of competitive pricing, complete product availability, and customer service that is simply unmatched for construction supplies in the Southeast.